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A person who only drinks alcohol in social settings where there are already other people drinking.
A: I'm surprised that Jane isn't drinking at this party. When I saw her at that party last week I thought she was a raging alcoholic.

B: Nah, brah. This is a kid's party, and she's only a social drinker.
by Mr. Arctic September 19, 2009
A person who waits for everyone to get drunk at a party and then takes their money.
Oh **** that, my wallet is missing!!! Who the **** invited the social drinker???
by playahata gatorade July 23, 2009
A person who, when engaged in drinking alcoholic beverages, is very social.
"Last week at that party I seen that dude that never talks. I gave him a shot of Jack and he turned into a social drinker. Dude wouldn't shut the fuck up!"
by Melissa Todd August 26, 2006
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