1. Soccer Mom's are the true evil of this earth.
2. They are usually overly parinod, Extreme Chirstians, 100% against all forms of free speech and hate with a furious passion the first amendment. THey have little angels which they try to control in any and all ways possible. The most their teenage childern can watch are childern shows ment for viewers three and under. They are also usually overwieght (at least in my experience)and they are also against video games, internet, and television. They will also go around forcing their beleifs on everyone they meet.
1. Brother did a chalking at a festival of a preecher from Hellsing for those who know of the anime series. He did not get to finish due to a soccer mom disproving of his chalking when he had done worse at many other chalkings and everyone appercated his work. Soccer Mom is over wieght.
2. I was working at HollyWood Video soccer mom comes and returns Batman the Fox cartoon because it is too violent for her 14 year old son. Also returns Kim Possible because she does not like the girl power theme in their. She and her son are also over weight.
3. I am walking home with my two little brothers and we are all having a good time messing around, and a soccer mom takes a picture of us and claims we (me and my younger brother) were muging my littlest brother when he is there smiling and laughing with us as well. She then threatens to call the police, but does not. She is also overwieght and drives a blue mini-van.
by Myname243 October 12, 2005
a middle aged white suburban woman who devotes herself WAY too much to her kids to make up what she couldnt suceed when she was a kid. they usually drive big ass SUVs, or mini vans and participate in numerous school activities, such as soccer, parties, fund raiser, sports events, PTA, and other school events. they are usually chaperones to every school field trip, and never leave their kids unattended. after school, they usually force their kids into after school activities, like karate, baseball, choir, and shit like that. they rather their kids do an activity over an actual job, and they volunteer them for community service when they didnt even do nething wrong. these kids cant make descisions on their own, and their fathers who are never present on the subject, are never around. these kids cant play video games that have a good theme or story plot, violence, magic, or nething fun. basically, nothing thats rated E+10 and above. the only music they can listen to is radio disney and classical, no movies that are rated above PG, and they probably never heard of the word known as "the internet". they are to attend church service every sunday and hafta particpate in choir and such. basically, these kids arent free from their soccer moms till their sophmore year of high school, and even then their mom chaperones the prom.

frankly, by puberty, mommy's "little angels" are spoiled rotten, and they can never rule out that Jimmy and Stephanie are selling crack and having orgies at a unchaperoned party instead of attending the pep rally.

in adult hood, these kids will probably be atheist and wont let their kids go newhere near their grandma.
a soccer mom's kid is doomed to never think for themselves and have their minds warped by their mom's to become actors, lawyers, professional athletes, and doctors.
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e January 29, 2006
Fat ass middle-age bitch whose whole life revolves around her children. Drives a mini-van or large SUV due to multiple children. Usually puts stickers on the back car window saying things such as, "Ashley #10 Soccer." Their day consists of:
-Wake up & pack lunches for kids (No sweets, pop, or anything unhealthy)
-Make sure the kids eat a nutritional breakfast
-Review the kids outfits
-Drive them to school
-Pick them up from school
-Take ___ to soccer, ___ to ballet, and ___ to bible study.
-Pick all the kids up and get them all happy meals from McDonald's.
-Tells kids to start getting ready for bed, because it is already 7 PM
-Has very unpleasant sex with their apathetic husbands once kids are fast asleep

Commonly enjoys wearing knit sweaters with high water jeans. Usually have cheesy knick-knacks in their home, such as plates hung on the wall that say things like, "Hope" "Faith" "Believe" etc. Their children are extremely shielded from the real world, not being allowed to watch anything with bad language or sexual references. Can only watch PG-13 movies once they actually turn 13. Must be approved by the soccer mom first. Can't buy music, watch TV, hang out with friends, or anything without approval from their soccer mom first. They install V-Chips and/or parental controls on 3/4 of the TV channels. This leaves educational channels, which they usually end up blocking because of real life content. Ex. The History Channel, The Animal Planet. Usually pushes their hopes and dreams on their kids and forces them to follow them, which ends up failing epically. Their kids are so sheltered and forced to give up their individuality, which results in corruption. Their "perfect little angels" are usually hoes, sluts, bitches, potheads, drug users, drunks, or just all around bad kids behind their back. Heavy denial is involved at this point. Soccer moms are strictly christian, anything that doesn't have to do with it is the "devil's work." Soccer moms are constantly seen glaring at teenagers who curse or are "rowdy" in any sort of way. Tries to tell teens, who are complete strangers, what they can and can't do.
Teen: *picks up an R rated movie*

Soccer mom: *death glare* That movie is full of gore, you aren't old enough to watch it. Put in back, NAO.

Teen: Fuck off fat-ass bitch.

Soccer mom: *goes to the store manager to complain*

Nothing happens because the store manager is fed up with frumpy fat ass soccer moms who complain every two fucking seconds.

by Die Soccer Moms March 13, 2009
See also: Hitlerite

Slang term for someone who sees fit to complain about any show or game that even has anything remotely diffrent from her (or his) narrow minded set of ideals.

A "Soccer mom" will often attempt to demonise the popualar item of the moment (ie: Harry Potter, Pokemon, Kim Possible, W.i.t.c.h and so on) with increcnely inane reasions behind it.
Soccer mom: This show has voilence!
Sane guy: Shut the fuck up! It's fucking Carebears!
Random parent: What are you doing in my house?
by Conan-san May 23, 2005
A middle-aged, middle-upper class woman who generally drives an SUV, a minivan or a station wagon (the latter of which is rarely seen in this era), and lives in a suburban area such as Parsippany, New Jersey, my hometown. They believe that their children are the most important things in the world, and refuse to let them listen to any music other than Top 40 radio, play any violent video games, or let them watch TV without them nearby, as any of these could supposedly corrupt their fragile minds. They are generally members of the local PTA, and have their kids participate in as many after-school programs as possible, so they could have themselves some "me" time. They usually put soccer ball stickers on their bumpers, tailgates, or gas caps, and are especially notorious for popularizing the infamous "honor student" bumper stickers. Soccer moms are usually homemakers, especially if they have young children, and live of the income generated by their well-paid husbands.
My next-door neighbor Liz Gonzales is a soccer mom.
by Kevin January 09, 2005
An extremely offensive term for a female yuppie. She drives a mini-van or an SUV with a cell phone in one hand and a Starbucks in the other while watching a DVD player and turning around to talk to her kids in the back. She has an income large enough to vote for Hillary Clinton or some other liberal swine without worrying about having to pay the taxes, because she can shelter the money. She names her daughters Madison or Taylor or Spencer or Cassidy.
Chadwick is a soccer mom. She swears at the referee.
by Bumkicker Slade April 25, 2005
Middle to upper class white 30 to 45 year old moms that think every friggin thing is violent, except for their perfect little brats that they call children and their mini vans/elephant sized SUV's that use more gas than a plane going to Australia. Most of them are mind drones to their husbands who are the only provider of money seeing as none of them have jobs. They carry 100$ coffe, and a cell phone with them everywhere. And most of the time their vocal chords hurt from screaming their kids name at his or her soccer/baseball game 24/7. They want to censor everything that isn's christian, because its "evil." and feel only G rated movies and E rated video games are suitable for their bratty as hell kids. One of the most ignorant people around, because they think anything that isn't christian, white, and swear and or violence free is damed to hell.
"that soccer mom just cut me off in her gianst SUV cause she's late for her brat's soccer game, now i have a fender bender that she blamed on me"
by questionmarkc October 04, 2005
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