Most people hate on them because they actually are thier for the children and take quality time and enthuisasim twards thier health and education. Most people that say rotten things about them. "Mad'(key word) because they have no clue. Hopefully a help twards obesidy. Getting your children involved in sports is valuable tool to helping them gain charisma and learning to go to a goal with thier feet and not thier hands or mouth.
Better ways to attain a level headed decision comes from the right idea.

Generalising people when no two are alike is hampering the mindsets of people and frankly a soccer mom will tell you if you don't like them to go pund sand cause it's the only thing you'll be pounding.
Penolopy: So girl what did your kid do today
clique obsessed girl: got knocked up, shot a few innocent people, started fights, took some x and learned to rob a bank
Penolopy: Wow, mine just had a great time working out with there team. Waht a great day I'm so glad to be labled as a "Soccer Mom."
qliqu obsessed girl: i'll have to get government help for her bc I can't deal with the stress
Penolopy: you should get you both some excersise
by IvSceneyourDth2wice November 15, 2009
Oooookay... First, agrees with most definitons here.

Second, about the one with all the thumbs down... This is about the PHRASE soccer mom. Just because you have kids and are involved in soccer doesn't make you a soccer mom in this respect. If there was a definiton for 'John Doe,' would all the John Does of the world be entitled to try and gut the writers who said 'A generic everyman?' Hopefuly not. 'Soccer mom' is like that, just a little more confusing. And while I agree that there are some dumb people here, recognise a figure of speech when you see one!

Oh, I need an example of the word soccer mom?


Soccer mom.

The end.
by Tanon X November 02, 2005
A woman usually in her mid-30's that has two children. They may have a car big enough to accomodate her kids and their friends and all of the equipt. that goes along with them.

She puts her kids first in lots of sports and activities so that they may NOT spend their time on the internet writing patheitc things about good Mom's. It is essetial that the Soccer MOM encourage their children with positive words all of the time so that they may grow up confident. This will help the children so they do not put down others because of their own insecurities and can grow up happy and have a great life.

Listening to top 40 music IS essential so that they may explain to their children what is bad and what IS good in society and how men view WOMEN as objects. This is to teach their young daughters to find a good man that loves her and not her body and to respect herself.

She sacrifices materialistic things that are unnecessary to pay for her children's activities and good schools (with other kids with parents who do the same) CARE.
The soccer mom took her kids to Karate and cheered as they passed their black belt test.
by Jeanneenp February 03, 2010
A fat woman who kicks her stomach around like a ball. Not that she can help it but, her stomach is usually hanging over the belt line and over her legs. So when she walks it creates sort of a kicking movement. She is more than likely a mom, so when people see her they yell soccer mom.
"You see that?"

A fat woman has just walked out the store. She's struggling to get to her car.

"It LOOKS like she's kicking her stomach."

"Yeah, like a soccer ball."

"Yeah, she's a soccer mom."
by Chicago girl April 14, 2006
This is hilarious. I had no idea that people spent so much energy hating, of all people, a group of family dedicated women known as "soccer moms". I fit some definitions; I'm in my early 30's, drive a fuel inefficient SUV to lug my kids & their equiptment, the family dog and our mountain bikes or snow boards, for lack of a better choice of vehicles that can accomodate my lifestyle--but please, as if I had much choice. When a fuel efficient car that can accomodate my kids and our stuff is an option I'll buy it, and yes I'm Christian. But here's where I differ...I'd NEVER put any bumper stickers on my SUV cuz it ruins the paint ;) My kids are homeschooled anyway. YES homeschooled! They learn what they want to learn and what is not taught in school (and I am not talking about the Bible, I'm talking skills needed in the real world). I am not an anal retentive mom who censors everything. That's unrealistic. There are harsh realities that I don't shelter my kids from because I would be doing them a disservice. My 8 year old listens to everything (r&b and rap being his favorites), loves Jazz and Oldies too, just NOT country music. Because my child is exposed to the cursing in rap, plays "violent" games like Unreal Tournament, watches Harry Potter movies, etc. he is a well rounded kid. We do censor of course, but aren't tight assed. We are not our child's "Friend" either and don't let kids walk over us. We are REAL parents who set boundaries and discipline. Not with ludicrous "time outs" but w/ REAL consequences. We are not lazy parents. We are very involved parents. My family isn't white, we are bi-racial (black and mexican) so we, or rather, I, don't fit the bitchy Starbuck's drinking home maker who overprotects her angelic kids to the point of driving the kids away and other "colorful" descriptions. I've met the stereotypical "soccer mom", and I don't like her either. But we are not ALL like that. There are more NOT like that than there are those who are. Really.
In reality soccer moms have gotten a bad rep because of some "bad apples". I don't live off my husband's income. In fact, in addition to homeschooling and tutoring kids other than my own, I operate two businesses, manage our familiy's real estate investments, volunteer doing publicity and fundraising for various organizations (not the PTA--remember, we homeschool), and guess what, excellent driver; I don't myself, my kids, or others in harm's way with bad driving. If my kids are late for activities then they are late...better late than never.
by A REAL balanced soccer mom November 09, 2005
totally hot momma. would be completely unaware of their hotness except that punks get in traffic accidents when they watch these soccer moms cross the street. yeah, you want 'em. and when you're a money making executive, you'll pay for 'em. Them and a minivan. yeah you will.
He wanted that soccer mom but was afraid she wouldn't want a little guy who's only sexual experiences were with himself.
by soccer mom August 21, 2005
Moms who love their kids and don't mind taking them places... especially to soccer practice. You gotta love 'em... especially those who coach soccer! Lot's of people tease them for driving big SUV's but that's because they are generous enough that they always end up driving tons of kids everywhere! They are hardworking and love their kids and soccer. It's a hard job so don't tease them... could you make dinner, lunches, breakfast, clean, drive kids everywhere,shop for an entire family,and still manage to be cheerful all at the same time?! (I'm not a soccer mom but it's annoying when people trash talk them... I am a soccer OBSESSIVE however)
I don't have an example! but I need to put something here!
by Annacoco April 29, 2005
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