I know that not ALL "soccer moms" are like this...So, I'm just going to define the STEREOTYPICAL "soccer mom".

A middle/lower-upperclass caucasian (9 times out of 10) female between the ages of 25-45. Known for their huge SUVs and mini-vans laden with corny bumper stickers. Very (hyper)active members in the school district (PTA, school board, etc.). Usually has at least 3 kids...blah, blah, blah. Also famous for the "sweater on shoulders tied sleeves in front" look.

But basically, a chick who still bases her life on the bullshit foundation that women were put on this earth to cook, clean, make babies, and raise babies. Their husbands are never around, because they're probably cheating, because more than likely, she's become more overweight and more unattractive with a drastically declining sex drive...But the soccer mom is to busy picking up little Rebecca and Timmy from karate class to notice.

Again, not all "soccer moms" are like this...but then, that wouldn't make them soccer mom now would it?
by PS, I'm Black April 20, 2008
Usually refers to a white middle aged female. She is either divorced or quickly on her way to being divorced because no self respecting man will put up with her very long. She realizes that although she tries desperately to be everything from super house wife and super mother to super business exec- that she can do none of these things good so she needs a man.... but can't keep one. She is usually on the prowl for a new fake dad to help raise her brood of children from all of her failed relationships with men who have kicked her to the curb.

She usually self medicates herself, trying to drown out her soul calling her a failed prostitute as she shuttles her tribe of bastard children from activity to activity in a minnie van or SUV that is entirely to big for her to drive safely. Said vehicle may or may not be financed by a current or former significant other (victim), just as is her crumbling lifestyle which constantly reminds her that her time is running out.

She tries to dress and act like women half her age but can't quite pull that look off anymore. But does it anyway and looks foolish except when in a pack of others like her.

Many of this ilk often end up cold and alone. Even their plethora of fatherless offspring usually leave them in search of sanity and the promise of normalcy.
Man at a bar says to another- "Sorry I'm late bro. Some man hunting fat assed soccer mom with a bunch of kids in aS.M.A.Vcrashed me on the way over. What a dumb cunt".
by The_Dragon March 12, 2008
Contrary to what one would think a soccer mom is not the equivalent of an older football groupie outside North America. They may have secret fantasies about Becks but the name comes from driving their kids to soccer practice in their ]SUV]s or minivans. They are almost always upper middle class or upper class and usually white. They tend to be paranoid about any sort of sex, drugs, smoking, or obscene content in movies or music. Politically speaking they're usually Republicans (although not usually religious right type Repubs, they tend more towards being Giuliani/Bloomberg/Arnold type GOPers) in red areas or they're DLC-type Dems ((i.e. Joe Lieberman, Hillary Clinton) in Dem areas. They usually live in suburbs or exurbs although there are some that live in urban areas.
You know this area changed once the soccer moms moved in and they're trying to close down all the bars and nightclubs because they're scared about their kids.
by Rattus cattus October 19, 2006
Stupid,arogant whiny bitches like the person who wrote definition #87 who think they're brave because they can sware on teh web (If anyone corrects me 'cause they're stupid enough cunts to think that was supposed to read 'the web', I'll shoot them), even though they can't spell the word 'curse'.
Joe: Really? Some dumbass soccer mom missspelled 'curse'?
Bob: Yeah, dude.
by Wouldn't you like to know?. November 08, 2007
Overgrown little girls who let emotion run their lives and are the sole justification for repealing the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution.
Thanks to soccer moms, we got eight years of bill fucking clinton and probably another 10 years of constant threats to our country.
by dammit janet July 03, 2003
We must not fear the soccer mom for much longer, with gas prices going up they will go broke soon trying to fill up their stupid ass suv's at the gas station. As we speak these clumsy beasts are taking hairpin turns flipping over their top heavy cars and then bursting into flames. If the Soccer mom spawn have not completley self destructed themselves in the coming few months we must take action. Here are a few ways you can overcome and destory one if you come across one
-Stake through the heart
-silver bullets
-removing or destroying the brain
"walking down the street"

Me: Holy shit what is that

Soccer Mom: How dare you use that foul language in front of my kids!!!!!! *Claws expand*

Me: ahhhhhhh "Machete slice"

by element547 June 17, 2009
A soccer mom is typically a 40 year old, Caucasian, middle-class suburban woman. She is often seen driving an SUV everywhere, taking her kids back and forth from the many activities they participate in after school. They typically have a family of a husband and three kids, and own a two-story house with a picket fence in the front yard. They are overprotective parents who blame rap/rock/metal music, the Internet and video games for all of today's problems in the world. They drill their Christian bullshit into their three kids since child birth, and look down on anybody who doesn't have the same beliefs and opinions as they do. They censor out a lot of stuff yet little do they know, their kids are going to find all of it out in a couple of years anyway. The children of the typical soccer mom are forced to participate in loads of sports/activities after school, even though they may not like them. They aren't allowed to play any other video games other than a Nintendo Wii for only an hour a day. They have no Internet access, other than Brainpop.com and other educational sites. They must go to church every Sunday. If they disobey all of these requirements, they are grounded for a week and sent to their rooms. The soccer mom demographic is mainly the ones responsible for all of the unnecessary censors that are out in the media today. Soccer moms make me sick.
"That soccer mom over there just yelled at me because I was playing Metallica on my iPod at full blast!"

"Wow man, what a bitch."
by Chupacabra1234567 May 18, 2010
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