A soccer mom is typically a white suburban woman aged from 30-50. They are usually picking their kids up from school and driving them to the various activities they participate in. Usually seen with an SUV, a coffee and a cell phone yelling at someone. She owns a two-story house with her husband and two/three kids with a picket fence in the front yard. They are crazy Christians who believe that anyone or anything that isn't Christian is cursed by the devil. They blame rap/rock/metal music, the Internet and video games for all the problems in the world. They believe they are always right and that their opinion matters most. They are often seen telling others what to do. They are one of the people most responsible for the dumbing down of today's society. Her kids live a life planned for them. They have to get straight A's in school. They are forced to participate in soccer, hockey and many other sports. They are not allowed to watch any movies rated higher than PG. They are not allowed to play any video games, other than a Nintendo Wii for an hour a day. They have no Internet access, the computer is for homework only. After being forced to listen to Sheryl Crow, Shania Twain and Creed all of their life, they end up becoming rebels the moment they start high school. They do drugs, they get into fights, and start bullying others. Little does the soccer mom know that her perfect little daughter is fucking the captain of her school's football team. Soccer moms make me sick.
That soccer mom yelled at me because I was playing Metallica full blast! She said it was the creation of the devil...
by Marco K. May 27, 2010
Retarded bitches who would protect their children from Video Games, Movies, Anime, Internet and just anything that contains the words hell or damn (I know these aren't swear words of course). They would yell at anybody who mentions anything about them. Even at a librarian who just lets someone know that none of that content is available (I'm glad I don't have such a overprotective mother).
Me: Excuse me but is there any manga here?

Librarian: Sorry. This library does not carry manga or anim...


Librarian: SHHHHHH!!!!

Soccer Mom: *Who was dumb enough to think that the librarian was going to say the word "shit"* DON'T YOU SAY THAT KIND OF LANGUAGE!

Me: *takes soccer mom outside, 50 feet away from the library and casts Blazemost (a Dragon Warrior spell)* Silence is golden bitch!
by StraightFMan February 14, 2005
moms that drive mini-vans, all they care about is their kids, if their kids aren't playing enough in a sports game she will most definitely be yelling at the coach from the stands. She is very involved with the school, always doing snack day and carpooling. And she's annoying to everyone else but her best friend, who is also a soccer mom.
"let my kid play!!!" - soccer mom
by aninimous September 22, 2005
A mom whom feel that they need to protect their kids from the evils of the world wide web, t.v., and music. Even though there aren't really any. Like only watch movies pg and under, and tv-pg and under. There kid might not get to hear the greatness of heavy metal too.
Person1:I really want this death cd.
Person2:Yeah Death is awesome.
Soccermom:Heavy metal is the devil. You shouldn't be listening to that. Instead go pick up a Hannah Montana cd.
Person1:Shut up. Her singing makes my ears bleed.
Person2:Bitch your the one who are trying to tell us what to do.
Soccer mom:Don't say that in front of my kids.
Person1:We don't care.(Gives the bird.)
Soccermom leaves.
Person2:stupid soccer mom.

by vfdc June 27, 2007
1.A middle to upper-class post-baby boomer woman, usually white, who usually spends her time homemaking. Her children are her whole world, and she considers them to be the exceptions to every rule. She cannot control them and expects everyone else to deal with that. She loves trendy diets and hair styles, is fashionably late to her children's sport practices, and insists that her children's teachers do not challenge them enough. Debate rages over her political leanings, but regardless, she feels that her and her family are moral soldiers, making sure that those who have "questionable" character are ignored, shunned, and avoided. She lives in the suburbs and drives an expensive SUV that her husband had lifted into the stratosphere, even though it will undoubtedly never be taken off-road once. Can frequently be seen standing in line in coffee shops and pays for a pack of gum with a debit card.
2.An object of sexual infatuation for many young men between 20 and 40.
Out of all the people Jenny dealt with at her job at the bank, she hated soccer moms the most.
by Guinness for everything July 14, 2005
An arrogant rude peice of shit. She drives around a gargantuan, gas guzzling, jap crap suv. She has no life, and gets angry because hubby is at work all day. Speaking of hubby, he's probably masturbating at Hooters while his stupid bimbo wife maxes out the credit card. It's a miracle anyone would even want to fuck a soccer mom, because they are fat and ugly.
My mom is not a soccer mom. She let's me play GTA: Vice City Stories on my psp while she drives a pickup truck at the speed limit. Then I take a break from my game to flip off the soccer mom passing us at 70 mph. She gets in an accident trying to cover her kids eyes.
A suburban mom in her 30s or 40s who drives a giant ass SUV, drives her 2 or 3 kids to soccer practice and tapes episodes of Oprah. They enjoy singing to crappy songs in the car with their kids and eat that sh!t they have at McDonalds because their too damn lazy to cook dinner.
Dude 1: Is that your mom's SUV
Dude 2: Yeah!
Dude 1: Your mom's a soccer mom!
Dude 2: No sh!t player
by Brendj3 July 02, 2006
an out of touch woman who drives her kids to soccer games and plays and usually bitches about everything under the sun. she can be seen bitching at managements of compenies and usually "thinks" a kid is better than everyone and anything else including a dog

she also has this "idea" that she is still in her teens/early 20s when in reality she is far from that and tries to be "cool" by subscripting to magazines meant for teens which makes her pathetic
"oh man that's one pathetic soccer mom she should stop bitching and get a life"
by thedude July 11, 2004
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