a middle aged white suburban woman who devotes herself WAY too much to her kids to make up what she couldnt suceed when she was a kid. they usually drive big ass SUVs, or mini vans and participate in numerous school activities, such as soccer, parties, fund raiser, sports events, PTA, and other school events. they are usually chaperones to every school field trip, and never leave their kids unattended. after school, they usually force their kids into after school activities, like karate, baseball, choir, and shit like that. they rather their kids do an activity over an actual job, and they volunteer them for community service when they didnt even do nething wrong. these kids cant make descisions on their own, and their fathers who are never present on the subject, are never around. these kids cant play video games that have a good theme or story plot, violence, magic, or nething fun. basically, nothing thats rated E+10 and above. the only music they can listen to is radio disney and classical, no movies that are rated above PG, and they probably never heard of the word known as "the internet". they are to attend church service every sunday and hafta particpate in choir and such. basically, these kids arent free from their soccer moms till their sophmore year of high school, and even then their mom chaperones the prom.

frankly, by puberty, mommy's "little angels" are spoiled rotten, and they can never rule out that Jimmy and Stephanie are selling crack and having orgies at a unchaperoned party instead of attending the pep rally.

in adult hood, these kids will probably be atheist and wont let their kids go newhere near their grandma.
a soccer mom's kid is doomed to never think for themselves and have their minds warped by their mom's to become actors, lawyers, professional athletes, and doctors.
by gunslingergirlvy_c_e January 29, 2006
A suburban,(white, 95% of the time) middle-class mom who drives a mini-van and has usually 2-4 kids. She holds mostly conservative political views, and is unemployed. She spends her day watching daytime television, and/or grocery shopping for her family. She gets all her money from her husband. She usually is semi-religious and often shelters her children. Her other duties consist of dropping off and picking up her children from soccer practice, and other sports or activities. She also gets overly-involved in her children's school, being an active member of the PTA. She is exactly what makes suburban life so dull.
A woman who is way too overprotective and involved in her children's lives is a soccer mom.
by TomNook May 15, 2011
A 25 to 45 year old woman, usually caucasian, who drives her "precious angels" around in a giant miny van. They censor anything fun such as gta and cod. Internet is what she calls "hell" because she's too stupid to teach them internet safety. Her children are a girl and a boy, both of whom got to some after school activity or another. They are usually dumb, slutty, and a bitch/asshole when they grow up. Her husband is some lawyer or a doctor who makes more more in a week than some people do in 3 months which is a crying shame. He is always on a "buisiness trip", fucking his secretary. The children can't see or hear ANYTHING BAD or they will grow up to be "poisened and scarred". I think they shelter them too much, they need a healthy dose of reality. And so do the parents.
I was sitting in the mall food court with my friend, talking about GTA SA and how I stole cars and killed people and stuff. The soccer mom was like, DON'T TALK ABOUT THAT IN FRONT OF MY KIDS, and I was like, it's just reality. You gotta accept it. Go some where else then.

Fucking stupid soccer mom
by Tea MCBAGGER June 12, 2011
A white middle or upper-middle class woman in her mid-20's to mid-40's with the following characteristics:

1. Her children usually have names like Zachary, Tyler, Kaitlin, Hannah, Hailey, or Dylan
2. Husband is a rather bland person that works as a family practice doctor, attorney, computers, selling pharmaceuticals, or other office drone.
3. Her children are always enrolled in at least 2 activities such as ballet, hockey, skiing, softball, and of course, soccer.
4. Favorite hobbies that don't involve her kids usually include drinking Starbucks, shopping at Kohl's or Old Navy, or gossiping with friends
5. Favorite restaurants are usually Chik-Fil- A, Taco Bell, Red Robin, and Chili's
6. Religious preference is usually Southern Baptist or Nondenominational Megachurch
7. They live primarily in California, Texas, Florida, Atlanta, D.C., Colorado, or Arizona suburbs
8. Vehicles driven are usually mid or large SUV's, Suburban's, or hatchbacks
9. Her children are either home schooled or attend a private or charter school
10. Her children are not allowed to watch PG-13 or R-rated movies, play any video games not rated E, play outside unattended, browse the internet without parental controls, or have contact with any adults outside of family, teachers, or coaches
Soccer mom
by waspcoloredstain June 13, 2013
a usually white, overly-rich, insecure jerk that hovers over her kids like helicopter moms. she usually forces her kids to attend some afterschool activity such as soccer (duh) or ballet. her kids are "little angels" and she loves them more than anything while in real life she probably wants to punch them in the face non stop. the soccer mom's looks usually range from -10 to 6. the are usually seen wearing some ugly exercise clothes, and driving some big-ass, ugly SUV or van when the only have one or two kids. soccer moms are the main cause of ESRB, the V-Chip, iPhones, tracking devices, drunk husbands, car accidents, traffic jams, bad parking, and asshole kids. when they come into contact with you, they will seem very nice and polite, but the seccond you turn around, they will say something bad about you and be jealous. also, most of them have southern accents and live in north carolina or any redneck state.
every time i go to school, there is a swarm of ugly Chevy suburbans, ford explorers, Cadillac escalades and any other overweight car. inside these cars are angry depressed women (Soccer Mom) abusing their kids and bitching them around
by lucasthegreat January 21, 2013
A chick who wears Vans in a small size. So they are "Mini Vans"
Person 1: Damn yo I like her Vans. They are small though like size 5.
Person 2: Yeah bruh the Mini Vans. She's a Soccer Mom.
by TUIT October 19, 2010
The inventors of some of the most decadent things to come in the world such as the minivan, V-chip, ESRB and censorship.
Too bad the soccer mom doesn't exist so we don't have to deal with this useless shit.
by R.F March 03, 2012
a mother who takes it upon herself to be there all the time for her children while also working. Tends to drive minivans and is on a first name basis with the wawa coffe guy.
any suberban mom with a minivan is a soccer-mom
by losr4life24 October 04, 2008

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