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gayest game on the planet, i rather get kicked in the nuts for the rest of my life than watch one second of that bullshit pussy sport
Soccer is for pussies.
by L Dizz February 04, 2004
119 301
A pussy ass sport. Only for European fags. Soccer players are the most woman like fags ever.
Smart American #1: Hey, look at those soccer players there.
Smart American #2: Yeah, I bet they're gay.
Smart American #1:Well, duh, they are soccer players.
by BigMan April 07, 2005
166 353
11 players playing in a field. you can use all of your body execpt hands

but......... dont play it its FUCKING boring
by lee chan hee September 03, 2003
104 335
A "sport" that stole the name of a great game. The real football (that being American football) is a sport that involves real talent and stamina while avoiding huge guys who are out to kill you. Soccer is just a bunch of pussys running around kicking a ball back and forth for four fucking hours. Furthermore, the real reason for soccer riots is because the fans get so bored they need to find something to do. You don't often see football fans starting riots, and each game is nearly sold out every time.
Soccer is for pussies, American football is how its done. That is why America is better than any European country.
by Hulio Rodriguez November 14, 2004
118 424
tha gayest sport where a bunch of dick licking brazilians kik tha ball around and try 2 get it in the net the size of a brazilian home
Brazilians are so poor afghanistan laughs at it
by Chody June 21, 2004
167 533