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Sob - meaning Sober
Cow - meaning Coward

A Sober Coward "Sobcow" is someone who can only tell you how they really feel when they are intoxicated. When this person is sober, they become a complete coward and keep their feelings for you in until you've moved on and met someone better.

person 1: "I had such a great time drinking with Gregg last night, he told me I was the greatest girl he had ever met and wanted to have a make out sesh later"

person 2: "Has he ever said anything like that before?"

person 1: "No...but he's kinda flirty on email, he only really opens up when he's had a few shots."

person 2: "girl, he's a total SOBCOW, get over him and go out with Dick!"

by TooCoolToBeFriendsWithYou August 05, 2008
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