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After having sexual intercourse you leave your penis inside the womens vagina. Resulting in a wet wrinkly dick.
John: "Dude last night me and Jen had sex i was so exaughted i just decided to soakin and i fell asleep"

Zach: "Awe man, how was that?"

John: "Sucked my dick was all pruney"

Zach: "Ewwwwww"
by C.C.B January 15, 2010
To find something or someone sexually enticing, erotic, stylish, or suave.
"That girl is soakin," or "that car is soakin."
by scout_about January 21, 2010
Cool, awesome, exciting, hip, fun, badass.
This party is totally soakin' man!

I met this totally soakin' chick the other day.

I am so fuckin' soakin'!
by Andy Sanders May 24, 2007
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