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1. When something goes terribly wrong that had exceptionally high expectations associated with it.
2. Being bummed out or depressed by a disappointment or anticlimax.
3. Wanting something and not getting it or getting an inferior version of it.
4. An anticlimax, a letdown
5. Defeat
"Hey, Lunchbox what's wrong? You seem really down and out today."
"Oh man, there's this girl I really like and I thought she was into me too, but she just soaked my sandwich."

"This deal went south and it just soaked my sandwich."

"Yo man, you're like a brother to me, and then you treat me like that, you just soaked my sandwich"

"Yeah, dude, the party was on, and then the cops showed and everybody dropped it, . . . it just soaked my sandwich real bad."
by Sapid Paean January 15, 2009

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