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Short for Southern Illinois or the region of the state that residents sometime refer to as Little Eygpt. It is a play on So Cal (Southern California) or NoKY (Northern Kentucky) but is particularly amusing for those from Little Eygpt, or So Ill, as, in urban dictionary terms, there is littl 'Ill' about Southern Illinois
Pete: Where you at?
Joe: So Ill.
Pete: Cool. Can you pick me up some catfish?
Joe: Sure thing.
Pete: Cool
by R.H.Yednock September 06, 2006
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1. The act of being from southern Illinois. However most Chicagoans think southern illinois is springfield, but in reality it is from I-64 to mile marker 1 (cairo). It is roughly the last 100 miles of Illinios. It is where all the real OG's come from Illoinios.

2. Used to describe a person from so ill that is real, cool, gudda, etc.
1. "are we going to so ill this weekend?"

2. Frank: " Man, did you see that cat do that?"
Sceezo: "Yeah, that dude is so ill."
by Robert88 October 14, 2007
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