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A phrase coined to describe the feeling of being so exasperated due to giving an unnecessarily large fuck about something, working too hard, lack of energy, or just over-stressing about something, much like a burnout after smoking too much weed or a hangover after drinking too much.
Example 1:
*After pulling an all-nighter*

Me: *pained groaning*
Friend 1: *pained groan of agreement.*
Friend 2: What's wrong with you guys?
Me and Friend 1 (in unison): Ugh... sooo much fuck.

Example 2:
*After hours of babysitting an unruly sibling*

Me (on phone with mother): "Maaaaa, when are you going to be home?"
Mom: I don't know. Why is it so important?
Me: Because.... So much fuck.
by alexvill1994 July 18, 2012
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