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1) A somewhat sarcastic term used as a description of someone who is materialistic, shallow, high-maintenance, or just behaving in a generally Scottsdalian manner
2) a phrase used in response to a person who makes a stupid or shallow statement (i.e. someone from Scottsdale)
3) phrase used to describe a person from Scottsdale (see Scottsdale for more information)
1) Jim: Hey look at Madison, she just got fake baked and looks like a cheeto!
Paul: (Sarcastically) Wow she's so Scottsdale.
2) Kelly: Omg I went to the mall yesterday and I spent like $500 on this one purse but I can't find it. Oh well I'll just get two new ones on Saturday.
Cara: (deadpan) Oh you're soo Scottsdale.
3) Jayla is a spoiled little princess with orange skin and fried dyed hair who just got a nose job for her 16th birthday; she's so Scottsdale.
by BesoMorado February 11, 2010
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