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an individual who comments on the fact that inclement weather is expected, in such a way as to imply that he or she is the first or only person who pays attention to weather forecasts
75 of your friends on facebook write "SNOW'S COMING!" your response to all of them: "thanks, snowstradamus, for telling me what 74 other people and the morning news already told me."
by kira ai January 13, 2011
The type of person who continually talks about the amount of snow your area is expected to get, often complaining or acting fearful several days before it will happen. Will refer to anything more than 2 inches as a "Snowpocalyspe" or "Snowmaggedon".
Victor: "Did you hear Amy carry on about how its supposed to snow all weekend?"
Lisa: "Yeah, she is a real Snowstradamus. Its really getting old."
by manderjean March 03, 2014
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