Verb:1. The act of making a snowman, rolling it into another person's yard, without the consent or knowledge of the reciever.
Noun:2. A Snowmanner is someone who preforms the act above.
Adjective:3. A snowmanning could be referred to as someone who would be the type of person who would go snowmanning.

Most like TeePeeing a yard, but in the winter months and without the nuisances of toliet paper.

types: Snowmanner, Snowmanning, Snowmanned, Snowmanning, Snowmanny
1. He is totally a snowmanning type!

2. Dude, you went fricken snowmanning last night? Whoa I wonder what they thought when they woke up.

3. You're a snowmanner?

4. You're like the abominable Snowmanner!

5. I will regret not going snowmanning.
by Fraylov January 15, 2010
Top Definition
Leaving a friend to sit by himself like a snowman does while you and everyone else take part in an adventure, more than likely a drunken one.
Thanks guys for snowmanning me, I'll just take shots by myself.
by MrShastas December 20, 2010
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