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snowflakes are little snows that fall from the sky in the winter time.
dude. pass me some snowflakes.
by Babii Brii Brii November 06, 2007
36 41
A very unique white girl that no one else can duplicate because she is one of a kind.
I love my Snowflake, she is freakin' crazy!
by Party Pants March 17, 2007
626 322
a deragatory term for a white person.
"I tell you what, next time that snowflake looks at me the wrong way, I'll cap his ass."
by Tim Collier October 22, 2002
484 347
a person who think they are OMGUNIQUE!, but is, in fact, just like everyone else.
"you're a unique little snowflake, just like everyone else."
by alice begins November 10, 2008
188 93
A classic variant of "running a train" or an "eiffel tower". One participant bends over forward, as if having a traditional train run on him/her. Another does a back-bend over the original skeezer, so that their bodies are now perpendicular. Four other trash-barrel gutter sluts are involved, two being pleasured orally, two nailing from behind. These four are then being screwed from behind by four other participants. 10 people total must be involved so that the snowflake is completely symmetrical and multi-faceted, much like the sort that falls from the sky.
Some dirty Finnish tramp asked me to join her snowflake. Little did I know I'd be nonuple teamed!
by rsheeda January 28, 2009
242 150
A euphemism for cocaine, or crack rock.
When Johnny told me that he was shaving snowflakes, I thought he was going crazy!
by Mike April 07, 2004
112 52
snow flake usually identified as an attractive white woman
Did you see that snow flake in the skirt walk by?
by KDeezy March 10, 2005
112 60
a newly formed nickname for the herb, marijuana, originally created by 3 potheads, named Luis, Daniel, and Josh, in fontana, ca during a world history session of summer school
hey, wanna buy some snowflakes?
by Snowflake Master Josh May 06, 2009
89 45