To drive or ride in a vehicle while snorting cocaine. Where clam baking is smoking marijuana in an inclosed space, snow globing is doing coke in an inclosed space.
Dude, Tom and I got some Columbian nose candy and went snow globing in his car!

by Ian K. February 23, 2009
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The art of masturbating furiously into an electric fan so that the ejaculatory deposit is blasted out over the face of your partner.
Susan regularly met up with her boyfriend, Barry, with her electric fan for a spot of snow globing.
by Gloria Specker September 30, 2010
When a couple is having sex with the girl on top, and the guy grabs her by the waist and starts to move her up and down to create faster, harder penetration. This motion resembles the shaking of a snow globe.
I was riding him cowgirl style last night, and he started snow globing me so he could finish.
by snowglober129 February 06, 2010
To ejaculate into a plastic then put it over the head of one’s lover
I was afraid my girl was going to suffocate when I was Snowglobing her, but she just got a little messy.
by tsml November 12, 2008
When snow is coming down in a circular motion as if it has been shook around in a snow globe.
O wow it'd be snowglobing outside!
by Arr&Jpeg January 17, 2014
The act of blowing bubbles with the semen in one's mouth.
After I came in her mouth she started snow globing. It was a bit messy when the bubble popped.
by ohmyclaude January 06, 2014
When you pretend to shake an imaginary or invisible snow globe in a suggestive fashion.
I was snowglobing and I got snow everywhere.
by bmcg December 21, 2012

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