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Doing lines of cocaine off of a vagina
As long as I provided the blow, the hooker said she'd let me snow cat
by jsmith00661 February 27, 2011
(n.) A seemingly nonsensical leap in a logical process.
(v.) To make a random connection or obscure reference that loses others invovled in the conversation.
(n.) An unexpected sexual position. Illegal in China.
(v.) To exact a snowcat upon one's partner.
(n.) A bad google search result.
"Dude, I heard she was all about the snowcat."
"Really? I snowcatted her last night an she's not talking to me now."
by Tavey July 12, 2007
A Calgary-based motorcyclist who makes helmet-cam videos that showcase him "Riding around, watching idiots do their thing" and encountering the city's worst drivers. His videos are all posted to Youtube, where he has well over 500,000 subscribers on his main channel and almost 7000 on his new second channel. He has a very quick and fiery temper and is often the subject of much controversy and hatred... you either love him, or you hate him.
Yo yo yo yo yo! Dude, I totally wanna buy a new Ducati!

I dunno, man... have you seen the newest snowcat video? His Motard broke down AGAIN! How does that even happen? I don undastaaaaaaan!
by MasterofMisfortune May 21, 2016
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