A hot chick that snowboards

Not many girls can pull off looking hot with 5 layers of clothing on and while snowboarding, but the ones that do are called "Snow Wookies". This term does not apply to Skier's because skiing is gay.
by Rezolute February 16, 2010
Top Definition
Women in the cold weather that may appear to be attractive, only because they hide their appearance with hoods or big jackets. A snow wookie tends to have a good looking body, but their face may appear to look like they got hit with a 2x4. Most Wookies are willing to give it up on the first night, but must be careful when approaching one. Some can be evil!
Matt- Man it sure is cold out John!
John- Yup! it's about that time!
Matt- yup, the snow wookies are coming out soon.
John- wow! look at her with the hood on!
Matt- that's a snow wookie! here they comeee John!!
John- yup! here they come!
by MiniMart December 16, 2009
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