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A term used in mountain towns used to describe a wanna-be thug who typically dresses in oversized, steezy and thugish snow gear (often year around), likes trying to start fights and brag about their snowboarding/skiing skills in which they rarely possess.
Buddy: Did you see that herd of snow gangster's on the mountain today?

Me: Yea man! It's got to be awkward trying to ski with your pants down to you knee's!

Buddy: Good thing they look so decked out, or people would notice how bad they suck are at riding.
by Grizzlee Adams November 24, 2010
a word usually used to describe snowboarders and skiers that are strait up OG's on the mountains, usually tend to wear a jersey while shredding, and baggy pants
"Dude, that snowgangster is tearin that shit up"
by Fartknocker411 November 18, 2006