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The act of preforming oral sex to a female while wearing snorkeling equipment.
Kenny: Dude, why have you got goggle marks round your eyes?

Paul: Late night Snorfeling
by kingsnakebooker November 17, 2011
The act of holding someone close and inhaling their scent at the base of their neck. Can be performed as a serious gesture (one deep inhale), or joking (several quick inhales), but the act of snorfeling is an intimate one that should only be performed on significant others (and/or lovers).
Scott said something so cute I just wanted to snorfel him!
by JustAGirloncl November 09, 2009
When a dog is walking with their nose to the ground, sniffing about.
Where's the dog? He is out snorfelling in the yard.
by MOA October 31, 2004