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Snoop best known for his collaboration of nahhhh in the marijuana. The grand master of la di da scenery. The mellow warping soulster that places chic on the funk. His works speaks volumes of smoke filled cabins of diamond riddled cavity. Lots of great lyrical works befit him when they go, nana in them. He he, that's he.
Bradoz: Say Snoop, who's that mean lean ravishin misseen doing the kuku mama yeh pose over there?

Snoop: That my man is the lady whus tellin you to chill, kick back and relax, bro.
Bradoz: That's just sensationaly wow, Snoop. Erm, can i borrow your mask and give her an autograph?
Snoop Dogg: Get out of ere, dig. Who do you think am i, Jimm Snoop?
by Zullo24 October 03, 2011
a camel cigarette.
ay frank,wanna smoke a snoop dogg?
by 319fsfsfs August 30, 2009
A man orginally pimped by cross-dresser dr dre(dr drag). The only thing dre has touched that sounds good-eclipsing dre himself.
'Doggystyle' iz the shizznit
by Mike Hardick July 08, 2005
the biggest pimp ever. his best and most popular song is "drop it like its hot". he sounds really hot with Pharrell.
"pistol whip you, dip you and flip you this is the mother fuckin music we crip to".
by what the hell April 25, 2005
Marijuana smokin, rapping Crip.
--still smokin--
Up In Smoke
by Tragik November 26, 2003
Largest weapon and drug holder. He does his own laundry too. :D
"I want a join
-Wanna go see snoop dogg?
-I don't wanna bother him when he's doing his laundry."
by John Tomas April 04, 2008
He does his own laundry? How fucking core!!!!!
Snoop Dogg does his own laundry AND raps. Can you say "multitalented"?
by skrudge December 29, 2007