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Derived from the early hit tv shows, snoopy and peanuts. The main character in snoopy, was a small white dog. Odlly enoungh, snoop dogg, is black, how this occored is without question, but, if you refer to episode 37 of snoopy, you will notice him holding up a sign saying "yo my bitches, holla at me one mo gen. Yo best to be poppin a squat when my new hit series comes put in the future DOGIE FIZZLE TELEVIZZLE.which directly translates to, WATCH MY SHOW YOU DUMB NIGGAS FO I BUST A CAP IN YO ASS."
SNOOP: Hey my bitches and ho's
BITCHES AND HO'S: we love you snoop, even though you just deprived us of our womenly dignity.
by thexxxemoxxxkid April 07, 2005
he'll put you in a trance with his smooth, g-funk melodies. he's got them chisled cheekbones and an OG swagger. Snoop often encourages you to "blow that smoke in the air", a.k.a have some good times smokin that sticky, icky icky.
"Now some of these niggas is so deceptive. Usin' my sounds like a contraceptive. I hope the get burnt, seen's they have learnt that the nick nack paddy wack i still got the biggest sac!"- Doggy Dog World
by miss_sixty February 04, 2005
A well known weedsmoking crip. he raps and can do his own laundry..... how much more gangsta can u get.... i mean... come on... Fabric softener
SnoooooooooooooooooOOOOOP... blue flag hanging out the left side. snoop dogg will do ur laundry and kill your mama
by Tee Time November 29, 2005
he was a lot better when he rapped only with artists on the west coast (with the exception of lil jon), and his older records (anything before tha last meal) are way better than the stuff he has today.
snoop dogg was cool back in the days before he made relatively mediocre songs like "drop it like it's hot".
by J.M.F. July 20, 2006
baddest fuckin nigga i mean he is so bad he can walk around lookin like sherly temple and people wont say shit
doggy fizzle televissle
by joe carlos August 27, 2004
Hunting canine with astute olfactory glands implemented for retrieval once waterfowl are removed from flight. Not suggested for use in the ghetto.
Git dat bird, snoop dogg.
by Nick January 28, 2004
A black rap artist.
Im headin out to the Snoop Dogg concert
by James/Skeeter/Drex March 16, 2003