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The one and the only D O double G
G's up Ho's down all you motha fuka's bounce to this
by nate February 03, 2003
when your chatting up a are snooping her!
james:i was taliking to emma last nite
steve:did ya snoop her?
by zlim July 09, 2005
that which represents greatness
The hydraulics on that pimpmobile are snoop.

"You're so Snoop, and you don't even know it."
by T-Rod February 29, 2004
(gangster) of all gangsters
sellin de most albums on de bounce, and smokin all dat weed
by sheek March 27, 2005
rap star of moderate talent who has a knack for the turn of a phrase, an eye for the white woman and a love of the bud.
I love Snoop's video, "Girls Gone Wild: Doggy-Style."
by Butchie December 19, 2003
those who are aquainted with snoop dogg a.k.a. his posse.
yo dawg...the snoops be after me for hatin' snoopy d-o-double g.
by paolo November 26, 2003
math teacher at st. andrews

student 2: no.. thats my geometry teacher
by SIXTH PERIOD GEOMETRY February 09, 2005

To sneeze so hard that one poops themselves. Usually his/her eyes open wide afterwards and realize he/she just made a shameful mistake.
I've been so sick lately so I accidentally snooped, and I had to change my underwear.
by 8ru1nC31t50x April 04, 2016
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