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The one and the only D O double G
G's up Ho's down all you motha fuka's bounce to this
by nate February 03, 2003
The term to snoop, means to activley assume another persons idendity. In the online world snooping, means to take control of another user's profile/idenity. It is often used by content management administrators, whereby the adminsitrator can assume the idendity of a user to edit information, or remove inappropriate content.
The administrator snooped T-Birds profile to remove inappropriate comments he made on another user's profile.
by Mark Jacobs August 13, 2006
To sneak about
Watch out, for he is very skilled at snooping.
by Lisa June 20, 2003
(n.) One who recieves 0 points or kills in a round of a FPS game.
Player1: damn, no kills this round... ><
Player2: SNOOP
Player3: Snoop!!!
Player4: snoop!1
Player3: A Snoop you are. gg
by Steven1337 August 27, 2005
Snoop dogg.

A celebrity people tend to;
a) Admire because he's vastly successful or,

b) Envy because he's vastly more successful than them.
Person b: "snoop? roflmfao he be one dum nigga who write shit-for-lyrics"

Person a: "Maybe, but he's got more women, money and respect than you will ever have."
by Pseudonymiac August 06, 2004
When one sneezes and accidentally poops simultaneously.
"I snooped the other day but I couldn't smell it because I had a cold."
"I thought it was funny when he snooped, but then the smell wafted over to me."
by fiddlesticksandstones March 07, 2009
Either a description of size, or a mannerism

size: the general Snoop measurement is the length of a floor tile in MHS's hallway

mannerism: acting severly loopy, intoxicated sans alcohol
Julia's hip is about a snoop tall!

Harriet and Molly were acting very snoopish in art class today.
by Melanie Sweeny February 01, 2008
Not to be confused with the popular rapper Snoop Dog. To snoop, like it's Meriam-webster counter part, means to spy, or to snipe. It is often used to ad variety to sentances that already contain the word snipe.

Snoop is also the act of sticking a flat hand in someones arm pit, by sneaking up from behind and yelling snoop the moment your index finger touches the top of their pit. If your index finger does not touch the dome of the pit, then it is an unsuccessful snoop.
I was walking down the hall in my dorm, out of no where J.B. ran up behind me and totally snooped me.

Hey Fil, I can see you there, you aren't going to snoop me.
by Joseph Smrekar June 01, 2006