one of the only rapper worth listening to...(which also includes missy elliott and eve)...thats IT!

he's got a really low, smoothe dreamy voice and it feels like heaven whenever i listen to him.

the greatest rapper of all time.
1-2-3-to tha-foe...snoop doggy dogg and dr. dre is at tha doe...
by alissenn manssenn November 10, 2004
Snoop Dogg? More like Poop Dogg.
Snoop Dogg sucks/10.
by Ralph March 22, 2005
A brilliant artist who has many recorded many classics, including: For All My Niggaz & Bitches
Serial Killa
Hoes, Money & Clout
Fresh Pair of Panties On, and
I Wanna Fuck You.
Snoooop doggg is off the hooooooook. Snoop dogg loves to rap about murder, drugs, hoes, money, gold, and sex.
by T0y0L0e0r August 12, 2007
the black man that made slang become poppulr everywhere.
he brought rap wit his slang.
by matt April 13, 2004
fo rizeal, he is the shiznit. yo, yo, yo, i be a cracka that be actin' likes a bruvva, yo. lots of wiggaz be up in here sayin' some shiznit about my bruvva Snizoop D O double jizzle yo. he's not whack like you white muthaz. cracka' azz cracka.
yo, fo real, snoop Dogg iz tha shiznit yo.
by Tyrone White April 23, 2006
see also: pothead, addict.
snoop is always burning the chron-dizzle. he said he quit, but i don't believe that for a second.
by tony December 05, 2003
An idiotic "rapper" that raps about the same bullshit everytime. He deserves to be shot, but his butt-buddy Dr. Dre protects that from happening.
"1, 2, 3, inta tha foa"

Sounds like Snoop Dogg has a "new" album
by John December 13, 2004

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