that homie that will stuff u up if u fuck wif him...he the best rappa eva.

s-n-double-o-p d-o-double-g
s-n-double-o-p d-o-double-g
by §/\/øØÞ August 07, 2005
Having sex with just tube socks on
I just snoop dogged that bitch
by tcas24 May 31, 2009
A stupid (c)rapper who lacks talent just like the rest of his contemporaries. A pathetic excuse for a human being.
Step 1 in Being a decent person: admit to hating rap, and say you wish death upon Snoop Dogg and other (c)rap "artists".
by Kyle G, February 27, 2008
Former dope rapper, but sadly he has smoked himself stupid. Now, a slave to money and the white man, he performs songs with artists like Justin Timberlake and Pink. WTF happened man?
N: an industry whore
Snoop Dogg went from cool to tool faster then Carson Daily.

guy1: Dude you sold your soul for cash, now your just a punk snoop dogg.
by WS SM March 31, 2006
1)a studio gangster like fagbag dr.dre

2)a anorexic rapper
snoop dogg. is another pussy like dre who cant rap for shit
by TiTyRon February 04, 2010
the best rapper round "beast of the east"and"king of the west"the nigga behind songs like"keep bouncin,vato,thats that shit,and dozens more"he,s openly a crip and works closely with Pharrel(also a crip)__________and thats it HE IS THE BEST RAPPER THERE IS
"AHHHWWWWWW what Snoop is here,you serious,OOOHHHHHHHH get the weed the party just started!!Snoop Dogg is here!!!!!!"
by fine dime brizzle December 10, 2006
Likes to show us he can spell his name "S.N.double O.P D.O.double G"
adds "izzle" to the end of every word.
Hey look guys! I know how to spell: S.N.double O.G D.O.double G! Now lets get blown!
by brrrr February 15, 2005
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