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A REAL rapper, NOT anything like soulja boy and lil wayne
snoop dogg
by HipiddyHop September 05, 2009
19 15
The act in which you walk up to an unsuspecting victim, and rub your nose around on their crotch and sniff, like a dog would do.
There was this guy on the train wearing sweatpants, and his legs were apart, so I decided to Snoop Dogg him.
by George Dubya Bush September 09, 2005
26 22
A big jackass that have turned hip-hop into sexual music.
Snoop dogg: booty - cocopuff - sensual seduction are the only bullshit i know.
by MotazMJ February 08, 2008
22 19
A rapper back in the westcoast vs eastcoast days. First two albums were great,but then he started getting big headed and try to appear on everybodies songs. He also had several movies most bad such as Soul Plane. Simply put back in the 90's when he was young he was good,but now he needs to put down the mic and step off the screen he is getting too damn old.
random guy: Man i remember when he was young he was good.
2nd random guy: Yeah, but he sucks now; reminds me of Snoop Dogg
by roy jones 3rd June 09, 2007
19 16
a person that lurks, ventures, and fondles with your belongings. simultaneously
" you find what you were looking for, snoop dogg? "
by The New April 01, 2012
2 0
verb. stealing or snatching
"he snoop dogged my seat"
by caasi davidson August 27, 2009
10 8
Da best rapper EVER!
An awesome rapper, who without him rap would be nowhere as popular as it is today. He always tells it like it is. Anyone who thinks differently is obviously jealous.
by snoops#1 August 04, 2005
41 39