snoop dogg, possibly the scariest looking man on the face of the earth, enjoys doing drugs and adding 'izzle' to the end of his word(izzle)s.
apparently he does his own laundry too.
'dude..what's wrong with your face?'
snoop dogg vaguely resembles a sewer rat.
by laylaMUFFIN September 03, 2007
the biggest let down ever. after bustin on the scene as a tuff gangsta with raw lyrics and flow, sadly snoop became worse and worse with each album after his classic 'doggystyle' was put out. snoop is currently a bitch who no longer really raps but just talks over catchy pop beats. when he was on death row he was a man, now he has stooped to lows by doin songs with justin timberlake or what ever that queers name is.
snoop dogg was the shit before he became shit.
by ray sean jamal August 10, 2005
A gangsta who thinks a bit too much of himself....he has dun sum gd songs tho the ones with pharrel sound REELI HOT! lol He(snoop.) takes drugs and he has got arrested 4 times in national his raps he says alot of words with -izzle at tha end..hes so gangsta
Snoop dogg feat. pharrel - drop it like its hot
by Gurlies December 02, 2006
a guy name Snoop D-o double gizzle. Whos is very cool.
There is no
by Mike Dogg July 09, 2003
put simply, snoop dogg is the man

what other gangsta rapper can act in starsky and hutch and still maintain his status as the the man

snoop dogg is a true gangsta, because hes a skinny layed back rapper who loves weed, loved the west side, and carries a pimp cane around

snoop often collaborated with dr. dre for many songs including: aint nothing but a g thang, deep cover, and the next episode

snoop's old songs were better than his new ones
"still waters run deep...still snoop dogg and D-R-E" - deep cover
by ssullivan January 16, 2006
a guy who is alwayz high on the green stuff (weed) and can somehow rap. And is a PIMP

Irvin is such a snoop dogg.
by alexis soto December 07, 2005
The act in which you walk up to an unsuspecting victim, and rub your nose around on their crotch and sniff, like a dog would do.
There was this guy on the train wearing sweatpants, and his legs were apart, so I decided to Snoop Dogg him.
by George Dubya Bush September 09, 2005

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