1. Cast member of the god-awful TV show Jersey Shore. Known for being a slut who tans too much, thinks she's Italian when she's really Chilean, and bases her political opinions on people's views on tanning and not real issues. Also hideously ugly.

2. A real boner killer

3. A person carrying every STD known to man (and possibly a few others that haven't been discovered yet).
1. Oh god Jersey Shore is on again. Unless Snooki announces she has skin cancer and six months to live I shy away from the TV whenever it's on.

2. I was getting ready to have sex with this really hot chick from the Iron Maiden show when a Snooki popped into my head for a second and now I'm struggling with erectile dysfunction.

4. Mark and Kim are perfect for each other. They're both Snookis so they can't catch anything new from each other.
by Gaaraofthedamned August 19, 2011
" Im going to the Jersey Shore Bitch ! , one of the most funniest people known to man ! . does what ever the hell she wants but is smart about it .got socked in the face by some dumb ass and STILL looks pretty ! ,she RE-INVENTIDE the poof and rocks it like no other . she can get any man she wants. most of all looooooves pickkles ! ,nature is her #1 priority , she will do what ever it takes to save an animals life . she's hated by many , but that dont stop her from doing what she does best !

love you snook's <3 (:
" did you watch jersey shore ?! "
friend #1

" yess, did you see snooki kick her ass ?! "
friend #2

- laughs -
" yess, ajaja that was sooo funny "
friend #1

" whata snooki move ! "
friend #2

" EXACLY ,! "
- laughs -
friend #1
by jerseyshore <3 October 05, 2010

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