1. Cast member of the god-awful TV show Jersey Shore. Known for being a slut who tans too much, thinks she's Italian when she's really Chilean, and bases her political opinions on people's views on tanning and not real issues. Also hideously ugly.

2. A real boner killer

3. A person carrying every STD known to man (and possibly a few others that haven't been discovered yet).
1. Oh god Jersey Shore is on again. Unless Snooki announces she has skin cancer and six months to live I shy away from the TV whenever it's on.

2. I was getting ready to have sex with this really hot chick from the Iron Maiden show when a Snooki popped into my head for a second and now I'm struggling with erectile dysfunction.

4. Mark and Kim are perfect for each other. They're both Snookis so they can't catch anything new from each other.
by Gaaraofthedamned August 19, 2011
A creature short in stature who prays on men at nightclubs. When she is ready to feed she initiates in her rare mating dance only seen when incredibly drunk. But once done the man will only survive by punching it in the face and have time to flee as she slithers away
Person 1:Did you hear how Snooki prays on men like a feisty anaconda
by turtles3 December 31, 2014
1. A Grenade.
2. A Butter-Face
3. An oversized oompaloopa.
4. Puerto Rican
5. A disgrace to America.
6. A Hooker.
7. Your mom that left you up for adoption when you were born.
"Yo man, my mom is such a Snooki!"
-"yeah I heard"

"DOOD! Look at that grenade!"
"DOOD! Look at that butter-face!"

"Yo, that oompaloompa on Jersey Shore is obviously a Snooki."
by giraffe33333333333333333333333 August 22, 2011
Something or someone that seemed like a great idea but after a closer look a total disappointment.
what happened with those girls you went to talk to at the bar? Total snooki's man, not worth buying a drink.
by Bobby Budlight June 12, 2012
A large, orange colored land mammal native to the state of New Jersey.

If you ever come into contact with this animal, you turn away, AND YOU RUN! RUN JOHNNY! SAVE YOURSELF! TELL KATIE I LOVE HER!
Tim: What the heck is that things?
Bobby: It's called a "Snooki".
Tim: What is it doing?
Bobby: ..... Look away son.
by Nautical Narwhal September 06, 2011
a slut with the biggest boobs you've ever seen. She loves to fight, party and have sex of course, they commonly live in Florida on a show called Jersey Shore
Jersey Shore is totally Snooki
by Marie Dennan November 27, 2010
A short, beautiful girl. She is very loud and obnoxious. Loves having a good time and going to the club.
Girl 1: Whoa, She is so short.
Girl 2: She is such a snooki.
by Alisonlanieduh January 08, 2011
shes the leader of the jersey shore pack, with out her, jersey shore would be nothing. shes small and cute, not white or black, but tan, knows everything about pickles and shes the master of 'getting it in'. Shes always DTS (down to snuggle), and LOVES to smush. A true guidette.
Jenn- All you assholes that don't like Snooki or have something RUDE to say, can go fuck them selves and make everyone who does a sandwich, even is your not a broad. They can also apologize before Snooks gets The Situation, Vinny, Pauly D and Ron to gang beat they're sorry ass.
by Jenn Watson October 17, 2010

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