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An annoying player who excessevely use the sniper rifle as primary weapon.
*Jim AWM John*
John: :|
Jim: Are you frustrated because I pwned you again?
John: Shut up you sniper noob.

(later on)

*Jim D-Eagle John*
John: Why didn't you use sniper rifle again to kill me?
Jim: Because it sucks in close combat.
John: You see, that's why snipers are for noobs ... sniper noob!
by I am not from America December 27, 2009
When you are playing a FPS and everyone on your team decides to become a sniper, leaving you alone to assault the objective. Usually employed when you are on a team with kids younger than 16 that cannot play the game well enough to get a kill with any other weapon, other than a high powered, long range, Rifle, that they can sit in the bushes with and take pot shots at people with. Usually, these people Brag about how good they are at the game when they really just use the most over powered weapon in the game, to camp with and shoot at unsuspecting gamers.
Well.... I was playing BF:BC2 and I rushed down the hill to set a charge. When i realized that i had no team mates with me. Sure enough i got owned and tea bagged by the enemy, while they rushed up the hill and spawn camped us, because the Sniper Noobs decided not to help me, win.
Eventually we lost 2 to 2000
by Delta7687658 October 09, 2010

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