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A Sniper Shark is a rare type of gun-wielding shark-man. A sniper rifle-wielding shark-man, to be exact. A Sniper Shark can be Blue, Red, or Black, or, they can simply be "A Sniper Shark."


On the JK3 role-playing forum and server known as "RPG Solace," weeaboos and faggots ran amuck, acting like badasses and waving their e-peens around like a bunch of faggots. The normal members were disheartened by this faggotry. Then, out of the Ocean, a team of Sharks heard their cries. The Sniper Sharks rose from the dark ocean known as the Internet to slay the weeaboos and faggots on the forum. Now with more Sniper Sharks rising and their numbers growing, Sniper Sharks have spread to different games and servers suck as "Battlefield 2142" and the popular "Call of Duty" series.


Simple, a persona who is good with any type of rifle and a slayer of weeaboos and faggots. A Sniper Shark can also be a fursecutioner, which is highly preferred, but not required.
Weeaboo: I just owned you! I am so fucking badass desu~.

Member: Shut up! Damn.

Weeaboo: lol you can't beat me, I'm so awesome like Sasuke Uchiha!

Member: Damn it, someone call in a Sniper Shark!

Sniper Shark: *rises from his spot and headshots the weeaboo* STFU WEEABOO, NOBODY LOVES YOU.

Weeaboo: WTFWTFWTFWTF *rage-quits*

Member: Thanks, Sniper Shark.

Sniper Shark: All in a day's work.
by Tex54 August 31, 2009
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