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A Sniper Fart is when a person or "Sniper" passes gas silently amongst a group of people. The group of people (hereby referred to as "Targets") cannot tell who dealt the killing blow, but certainly know that someone has them in their cross hairs. A "kill" would be in reference to when the sniper takes a shot, and the target cannot identify the sniper, thus deemed a successful mission. A "miss" however, is when the sniper is identified by it's target(s), in turn, deeming this an unsuccessful mission.

Snipers should avoid the following: egg whites, Fibre One bars, coffee, etc.

Shooting Ranges: elevators, parks & playgrounds, family photos, etc.

**Footnote: no mission is completely unsuccessful if the smell is horrendous.
"Man what's that smell?"

"I don't know."

"Dude, did you just drop a Sniper Fart"

by Batcan May 09, 2013
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