A definition for a lack of intelligence; Used to indicate individual with serious mental disturbances; Lobotomized; A state of dubious sexual alignment;
I am sure that this whole lame situation would't happen if you were not suffering of acute snightnism
by Norante September 10, 2003
Top Definition
An obsession with placing large blunt objects in the anus, causing rectal stimulation and sometimes sever pain.
Male snightist may be mistaken to be gay man(homosexuals) although they will never penetrate another member of any gender for any reason as they often feel incompetent at doing so.
Sometimes they may promise such sexual favors only to receive anal pleasure from the other person.
Snightists like to be abused but they are not "normal" masochists by any means and would often retaliate when they are treated badly.
Where did that bottle of wine go...?
Wow man, you have a sever case of snightism and need intensive care... no, not of that sort.
by Dyna Wolf September 11, 2003
to instill gayness, to have penis breath, makes environment full of stupidity and excrement thoughts, to engage in sexual intercourse with goats
XXLenigma has a certain level of snightism about him...
by Nosi September 11, 2003
To foul, or otherwise make unusable a living space, thing, or object. To squat on a topic, rendering a discussion pointless. Of a neuter or unknown gender.
The RIAA showed a great degree of snightism by suing a 12 year old kid.
by Al Geron September 11, 2003
The behavior of lowly life forms that often spam the habitat of more advance life forms with tremendous ignorance.
I can't believe he made XXL a mod in this board, he has a third degree in Snightism and Advance Nincompoopia.
by Arthur Wulf September 09, 2003
Post on message board which lacks any information, subsatnce or point.
by Anonymous September 10, 2003
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