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A Harry Potter couple name. For those who read the 7th harry potter book and believe Severus Snape and Lily Evans belong together in love, they call the couple "Snevans" a mixture of their names "Snape" and "Evans".

Most people who refer to the "Snevans" couple do not like the "Pevans" (James and Lily) which is the canon couple.

I myself am a Snevans fan.
Snevans fan: Omg. I wish snape and lily ened up together, snevans was a PERFECT couple

Harry Potter fan: True, but if Snevans happened, there'd be no Harry Potter! So James and lily HAD to be together!

Snevans fan: That's true, but Snevans was cute! i wish they could've at least been friends in the end. Wouldn't it be cool if Harry was secretly Snape's kid

Harry Potter Fan: Good twist! i suppose Snevans does rock! Snape + Lily= <3
by SnevansFan July 20, 2009
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