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The frozen and contorted, usually mildly retarded looking, facial expression one makes for a few seconds before they let out a sneeze or when experiencing a "Sneezus Interruptus".
Check out his Sneeze Freeze. Take cover, it's going to be a BIG one!

Dude, you have an extreme squishy face you're sneeze freezing!

Bob: You were going to sneeze but it got away, huh?
Dave: How did you know?
Bob: I saw your sneeze freeze.
by Jack Chau January 27, 2011
Most commonly found during the cold and flu season of 2012/2013. When you have the urge to sneeze, but cannot execute the sneeze.
My head was pounding, my eyes runny and worst of all, I have sneeze freeze. I just wish I could have an explosive sneeze and relief myself of my sneeze freeze.
by dbldckr January 03, 2013

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