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The act of pulling your penis out of a woman's vagina during rough sex and shoving in her ass before she can react.
My girl was so surprised when I gave her that sneaky sausage, she banged her head on the headboard.
by SneakyMatt July 13, 2011
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your friend has just bought a big bag of sausages (16 or 18 pack) and you start to get hungry and you look around but you have you eyes fixed on the sausages and you think to you self one couldnt hurt and you have a sneaky sausage.
Friend: these are for the BBQ dont eat them
rory: sure no prob man im cool like that
Friend: ok i trust you

'friend goes out'

rory: hmmmm im hungry im cool like that, what is there?!? oh my sausages mybe i will just have one sneaky sausage. this leads onto a crafty wank.
by Craftywanker123321 May 29, 2009
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