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While railing a girl in the ass, right before you are about to bust, take out your dick, and shove your thumb up the browneye. After the thumb is inserted, spit on her back causing her to turn around. As she is turning around to look back, pull out your thumb and glide it across her forehead while reciting "SIMBAAAA" just like Rafiki from "The Lion King".
I was gonna go down for a quick tug, but my girlfriend preferred if i gave her a Sneaky Rafiki.
by Team Sham-Sham January 06, 2008
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A sexual act involving the period blood of the ladyfriend you've been plowing being placed on her forehead using your thumb. It is directly followed by you gently calling her "Simba".
Guy 1: Dude I gave Jess a sneaky rafiki last night!

Guy 2: ...... That's fucked up man.. *gives huge high five*
by dirty old man dan March 18, 2014
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