A pussyface. Snatch meaning pussy, vagina
Don't be such a snatchface,biiiieeeeaaatch!
by fun-o-bunz August 13, 2003
Top Definition
Any man who's facial hair resembles the pubic hair on a woman's vigina. Usually total douche bags trying to be creative with their beards.
James thinks his gotee is cool, what a Snatch Face!
by Coy Peterson July 01, 2005
A person who is so nasty to everyone and everything that one cannot look the person in the eye without mentally vomiting in response.

Also: A person who repulses even puppies.
Lynn was a cunt *again* this morning. I walked in the door and had to smell her rank leavings and the ever-present bitterness in the air. Then I had to deal with her slamming drawers and milling about making snide comments until she felt properly fluffed for the day. What a snatch face.
by Allie Kneedisoust September 10, 2007
a total cunt normally who looks like a bird with a beak nose and tends to ruins the lives of the people she "cares about" by being a snatchface
You're dating a snatchface, how can you put up with her shit.

Snatchface is texting you, what could that bitch possibly want?.... And so it begins....
by Jessica Sympsen June 30, 2010
Snatch face is a person who looks like there carrying around a vagina on there face
Did u see christina today yeah fucking snatch face
by charlies porno move March 03, 2016
Someone who has a reputation for the enjoyment of engaging in the act of cunnilingus.
Steven garnered a reputation as a snatchface, because of his acquired taste for pussy.
by Jay Andronico March 14, 2006
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