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Someone who has a reputation for the enjoyment of engaging in the act of cunnilingus.
Steven garnered a reputation as a snatchface, because of his acquired taste for pussy.
by Jay Andronico March 14, 2006
Any man who's facial hair resembles the pubic hair on a woman's vigina. Usually total douche bags trying to be creative with their beards.
James thinks his gotee is cool, what a Snatch Face!
by Coy Peterson July 01, 2005
A person who is so nasty to everyone and everything that one cannot look the person in the eye without mentally vomiting in response.

Also: A person who repulses even puppies.
Lynn was a cunt *again* this morning. I walked in the door and had to smell her rank leavings and the ever-present bitterness in the air. Then I had to deal with her slamming drawers and milling about making snide comments until she felt properly fluffed for the day. What a snatch face.
by Allie Kneedisoust September 10, 2007
A pussyface. Snatch meaning pussy, vagina
Don't be such a snatchface,biiiieeeeaaatch!
by fun-o-bunz August 13, 2003
wang recepticle
by Anon. September 30, 2003
a total cunt normally who looks like a bird with a beak nose and tends to ruins the lives of the people she "cares about" by being a snatchface
You're dating a snatchface, how can you put up with her shit.

Snatchface is texting you, what could that bitch possibly want?.... And so it begins....
by Jessica Sympsen June 30, 2010
A woman, usually older, that is grouchy, often drunk - and smells of cigarettes. They usually never get laid either. Prune face is also accepted.
She is always in such a bad mood and takes it out on everyone else - what a snatch face!
by Matt Plank September 29, 2006