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A disappearing message of one's own poo, usually sent at a strategic time, such as before a job interview or on a birthday.
I sent my sister a snapshit early this morning to start her day off right.
by Poopoopranker1 May 21, 2013
A photograph lacking in artistic merit. The term implies that the photograph at the level of a typical shitty snapshot. Used especially for photos which are claimed to exhibit talent but actually display none. Sometimes used in a self-deprecating manner to refer to one's own photographs.
LOL that guy thinks he's an artist, but his photos are just snapshits.
by Mr Fnord January 02, 2011
A term coined by yours truly, used to combine, synergistically, the meanings of oh snap and oh shit, to convey a deeper sense of humiliation and embarrassment.

Usage may vary between 'snap shit!', 'oh snap shit!', 'aww snap shit!', or the addition of an 's' as in 'snap shits!'.
Example 1:

Sal J: Man Isa you were on fire last night on Halo 3
Ammr: Yea you totally pwned both of us, we got no kills!
Isa: Lol you noobs, I wasn't playing last night, it was my baby sister!
Majed: Aww Snap shits!

Example 2:

Isa and Ammr playing Fear
Isa: man this game is creepy!
*something scary happens*
Ammr: OMG i just crapped my pants!
Isa: snap shits!

Example 3:

Person 1: man that girl is ugly
Person 2: that's my sister you bitch
Person 3: Oh snap shit!!
by Aymenov April 03, 2008
A really bad recollection of a brief moment in time, usually referring to a negatively memorable event.
When I close my eyes, I have this snapshit in my mind of all 300 pounds stuffed into that Speedo.
by GigiPDX December 08, 2014
A poorly shot or framed photograph that will get a negative reaction every time it is shown to a person. Sometimes a snapshit can be so bad that it will cause the viewers eyes to melt or their hair to spontaniously catch fire.
It has recently been disputed that the Nazi's used snapshits in their bombing of britain.
"I've seen some bad photographs, but this is definitely a snapshit to remember"

"Bomb zem with ze SNAPSHITS!!" - Hitler
by Lady Bob June 15, 2007
You'll snap shit when you go to the war soldier, or you'll come back in a rubber sack.
by Cosmicstargoat May 14, 2004
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