an app used those who regard texting as too mainstream to comunicate. allow an image of their top man clothing to accompany the text they wish to send. the people who use snapchat are the reason that western civilisation must fall.
'yeah snapchat boi?'
'can't bled, I'm cruising for some new bracelets'
by gravymaster April 09, 2013
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A way to get naked selfies
me: send me nudes
them: ok, ill snapchat you
by fylcutyourmotheringoogle April 28, 2013
An app on apple devices and androids that enables the user to send pictures with captions to their friends on snapchat.

In addition to pictures, short videos can be sent.

The captions in the videos and pictures can only be as long as the screen is wide. If you would like to fit more text on the screen, either tilt your device sideways so your text bar is longer, or write the words using the draw tool on snapchat. The color of the pen can be changed.

While not every snapchat user sexts, snapchat is a wonderful tool for sexting because after the image is opened the image deletes after a set amount of time between 1 and 10 seconds.

If the viewer of the image is quick enough, he/she may take a screenshot of the image. However if a screenshot is taken you will be notified by snapchat.

Snapchat is a real pain in the ass if you don't have a front-facing camera on your device.
Guy: hey Girl can I get your number?

Girl: no, I don't have a phone. The plans are so expensive! I have an iTouch though so I can Snapchat you.

Guy: yeah, I have a one too. What's your snapchat?

Girl: *gives out snapchat name*

Guy: cool! I'll hit you up later tonight (;
by Jewelslovessyouxx May 12, 2013
A app when you post dumb pictures of yourself also called selfies. People wants to look good on that photo but the truth is. Everyone looks dumb as fuck
Snapchat is a selfie taking app
by Smarteblondie November 19, 2014
A site that was originally made to sext people, thus deleting after a set time, and letting you know if they screenshotted your "snap". Is now used by white girls to set photos of their uggs as their story, and to send selfies with anything possible.
"Wow, that hoes snapchat story is a frappucino. Such a basic bitch"
by spodermen.fuks.betchs October 29, 2014
An app that's meant for guys to get booty pics and if possible nudes from big booty women
Guy: "Hey do you know what snapchat is for?"
Big booty girl: "Yeah, for booty pics and nudes right?"
Guy: "You're perfect!"
by Fuckboy1998 January 14, 2015
Dickpic heaven (or hell, as the dicks vary considerably)
by Xx_The precocious kid_xX January 24, 2015

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