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A male or female that is stingy, lives off other people mainly hence they wait for crumbs (opportunities) to come to them. They are a common breed and display traits of being "loose" or just a plain loser.

Other slang: Snackratacus (ultimate snack rat)
Dude you shouldn't hook up with her, she's a total snack rat.

Man, he didn't even pay for anything this weekend..I think we just got snack rated by king snackratacus
by Ak_Rowdy February 02, 2012
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1. Someone who hoards a bunch of free snacks for themselves for later. Common at meetings or other similar events where free snacks are served.

2. Also someone who just buys a bunch of snacks as groceries, instead of real food.
Jessica is such a snack rat! Can't she just take one hoho at a time?
by ~Evlwolf~ April 09, 2009
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