(SMUR-jin) Noun. An ultra-tight vagina or rectum that has yet to be penetrated by anything (i.e. Penis, Vibrator, Finger, etc.). So tight and, "Unopened" that it may cause discomfort for both parties: The, "Pitcher" and the, "Catcher."

For antonym, see: "Crupple."
John: Are you okay from last night?
Erin: Yeah, I am okay now but that hurt.
John: I thought you didn't have a smurgeon.
(Later In The Day)
Tyler: So did you get some?
John: Heck yes!
Tyler: Does she have a smurgeon?
John: Not anymore hahahah.
Tyler: Thanks for painting that mental picture in my mind.
by Miss I'm proud of my smurgeon March 12, 2008
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