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A smout is a "smiling pout" popularised by celebrities such as Kate Bosworth and Renee Zellweger. It is a closed mouth smile with a small pout which perfectly complements the skinny arm pose when being photographed on the red carpet.
Girl 1: Babe you look soooo damned hot in that photo.

Girl 2:It's cos I'm smouting and doing skinny arm babe. It just helps you work it in photos.

Girl 3:I am totally gonna give up smiling and start smouting.
by lannemitch July 24, 2012
A cross between a smile and a pout; a combination of the two.
I didn't mean it darling, I'm only teasing. And you're so cute when you smout.
by Misty's Master November 19, 2013
1) A human species with a ginormous smile.

2) Always seems to be the centre of attention for less than enviable reasons.

3) This species has a great ability to ruin social events but always has great intentions. Usually means well.
4) strong family relationships and tend to stay together into adulthood. This is a very clan like species where children stay at home until old enough to take care of the elder.
4) Great physical attributes
5)This species is found to have extremely small sexual parts
ex. The party was soo good until steve pulled a smout

ex. Did you hear how fucking stupid that kid was, ya he was a sout

by snugglepul February 04, 2010
Smug, pig-headed, full of yourself/themselves
They're a smout band that lot are
by Mark Paddington October 25, 2004
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