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Slang for pot smoker, usually used by stoners when stoned to hide the fact that they've been 'poking smot'. Often used on facebook status updates by stoners who don't want others to know they're smot pokers.
Stoner - 'Hey, Cindy, are you a smot poker?'

Cindy - 'What?'

Stoner - 'Guess not'
by Cayk November 28, 2010
A pot smoker, all so meaning pot head or stoner.
For example lets go smot some poke you smot poker you.
by EZ fucking E April 17, 2009
some who smokes pot. used when you do not like the idea of people smoking pot.
Oh look at them, they're a smot poker, thats not cool.
by larry boy May 07, 2004
individual who uses marijuana often
"Nicole, I don't think you should date that guy. He looks like a smot poker."
by young tongue December 08, 2004
the (pot) smokers. its in skeevy skeevy stoner code so that pigs don't know what were talking about see (poke smot)
'those smot pokers sure poke alotta smot'
by eeep September 12, 2005
equals SoCo is the man. smotpoking 24/7
Hey did you guys smotpoke today?
Why yes smotpoking is the best
by SoCo October 15, 2003

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