When you flip over your pillow so your face rests on the cold side. Also, the only word that rhymes with orange.
Jeepers! This pillow is so hot on my face. I need to smorange immediately.

Why yes, it is quite an honour to be the presidents personal smoranger.
#pillow #cold #orange #flip #sex
by Taylor & Andrew & Lauren April 02, 2007
The only word in the dictionary that rhymes with the word orange.
Smorange is a fun word to say because it rhymes with orange.
#orange #food #color #rhymes #cool
by MOD drummer December 18, 2007
1. An object overwhelmed by something within.
2. To be filled with an emotion.
Cammon mistakes:
1. Thinking it is an orange s'more.
2. Petting burning dogs.
That sponge is smoranged with dirty water!

"I can't believe she would ask him out behind my back! I just can't believe it! I am smoranged with hate for that bitch."
by PeePSnaiL November 22, 2004
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