The only word in the dictionary that rhymes with the word orange.
Smorange is a fun word to say because it rhymes with orange.
by MOD drummer December 18, 2007
Top Definition
The flavor of orange juice after brushing your teeth.
John: Want some orange juice?
Ben: Nah I just brushed my teeth I don't wanna taste smorange
by soupiesales110 January 17, 2011
The unpleasant aftermath that results from mixing the flavors of oranges and mint (especially in the case of toothpaste).
Tyler: "I'm really craving orange juice"
Linda: "I'm not, I just brushed my teeth and you know what that means..."
Tyler: "Ew...smorange."
by msc95 April 09, 2014
A smashed or smooshed up orange.
"Man that naval's smoranged!"

"That hurricane really smoranged Florida's crops."
by mattattackdana February 23, 2010
The act of shouting the word "Smorange!!" at a random member of the public from the passager, or driving seat, of a moving car.
Jack: "Joe, smorange that man at the traffic lights"
Joe: "Smorange!!!!"

(man at traffic lights is startled)
by Gang Jah June 14, 2008
to smother into a state of unconciousness; to smother.
Sarah smoranged her popcorn in salt-butter.
by smorangelover March 30, 2008
adj.-prettier then pretty and more awesome then anything
Omfg she is sooo smorange!
alicia pretty amazing
by moo ima cow November 12, 2010
When you flip over your pillow so your face rests on the cold side. Also, the only word that rhymes with orange.
Jeepers! This pillow is so hot on my face. I need to smorange immediately.

Why yes, it is quite an honour to be the presidents personal smoranger.
by Taylor & Andrew & Lauren April 02, 2007

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