somthing that is nasty or not cool
as in that girls ass is so smoogie
by Jared W December 04, 2004
Top Definition
A 14th century Sumerian deity who was notorious for his promiscuity among woodland creatures. Now used as a derogatory term for those too fond of animals.
"Did you see how Jim petted those cows? He's such a smoogie!"
by Mr Smoogles July 16, 2008
the term given to a boyfriend or loved one
"come here smoogie"
by bonera October 05, 2011
a booger in a girls vagina.
EW bitch, you have a booger on your finger and your playing with your self so that must means you have a smoogie.
by karissa, brittney, louis, josh January 12, 2010
- streaky and smudged
- how Melissa cleans the cromes at No Frills :p
"Mel, those cromes are still smoogie!"
by aussie_chick83 January 18, 2005
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